• Maquinaria Aluminio
    We are the first extrusion company in México
    to manufacture aluminum profiles by generating our
    highlighting our commitment to the enviroment.
  • Maquinaria Aluminio
    At Alyex,
    we take care of the environment!
    Through the installation of solar panels in our workspaces,
    we generate photovoltaic energy in a sustainable way.
  • Maquinaria Aluminio
    Aluminum Extrusion
    Certified by Assay Register
  • Maquinaria Aluminio
    Quality Guarantee
    Underwriters Laboratories
  • Tratamiento Aluminio
    SUTTON Press
    2800 US Tons
    Latest Generation
  • Tratamiento Aluminio
    1800 US Tons
    Fully Automated

100% Mexican Private Company,
focused mainly on the extrusion of industrial profiles.
With a production capacity of 18,000 tons per year.

ISO 9001:2015

We extrude aluminum alloy 6063 6005 6060 6061 6082 6351 of the highest quality.

Temperatura Temperature
Velocidad Speed
Presión Pressure
  • Corte
  • Corte Aluminio
  • Tubos Aluminio

We strive to ensure the satisfaction trust safety of our customers.

We are proud to work for prestigious companies.