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Planta Alyex

Alyex is quality safety trust


  • • A company that our clients can trust in 100%.
  • • A company that is well-known in the sector for the service and quality it has to offer.
  • • A company that is highly recommended throughout the aluminum market.
  • • To be the preferred supplier for our clients.
  • • To be a great place to work.


  • • Guarantee products of the highest quality.
  • • Offer an outstanding, tailor-made service.
  • • Manufacture special sizes that represent a high level of difficulty.
  • • Lacquering.
  • • Technical consultancy.


• Transform aluminum through the best technology and the highest quality.


  • • Cultivate trust in our professional working relationships.
  • • Offer products and services of the highest quality.
  • • Work in an environment of respect and integrity.
  • • Do what we love with passion and dedication.