In our permanent search for the satisfaction of our customers, at Alyex Aluminum we have the latest generation machinery with which we guarantee quality in precision and finishes in their machining needs.

Blitz Alva 500 / 550

Cutting saw

Double head saw with 500mm and 550mm diameter tungsten carbide blades with motorized moving head movement and electropneumatic head tilt control.

  • Tungsten carbide discs ø 500 mm and 550 mm
  • Integral protections for cutting area
  • Moving head roller conveyor (3 m)
  • 1st retractable pneumatic intermediate profile support
  • Profile height gauge gauge
  • N° 3 horizontal clamps
  • Spray lubrication of the tool
  • Predisposition for evacuation of chips and smoke


Large pitch lathe

Large pitch lathe that offers a wide working environment and increased capacities thanks to the “Y” axis and motorized tools, which allow drilling, threading and milling.

  • 12 Station Base Mounted Turret (BMT65)
  • Large lead spindle
  • Milling, drilling and tapping with "Y" axis
  • Medium floor area occupied
  • Made in the USA


Lathe with occupied surface

Extra-small footprint lathe with large bar pitch that offers a large working environment.

  • Large lead spindle
  • Ideal for intensive and very bulky production environments
  • Made in the USA


CNC equipment

CNC equipment designed to meet any size and production need.

High-speed spindles, fast feeds and accelerated tool change reduce time and increase production volume.

  • High power direct drive spindles
  • Customizable to your need
  • More travel of the "X" and "Z" axes
  • Made in the USA